The gear and software I use everyday

These are not sponsored products but the gear I use everyday, purchased by me.


Dell Ultrasharp U2410 Widescreen LCD

I love this monitor. Yes, there are bigger and cheaper monitors out there, but not with 10-bit color. When creating art professionally, Displaying proper color is huge. Not only are these displays 10bit capable, but they also are able to reproduce 98% of the adobe rgb spectrum. That’s a combination of value, size and specs that are hard to resist. That’ why I personally have 4…



Cintiq Q27HD Touch

This is the tablet I use, and I absolutely love it. It speeds up my workflow and allows me to work more naturally. Would I recommend it to someone starting out? No. I’ve said it many times, get a big monitor (preferably with great color) and a decent tablet. start making some dough, then invest once you’re are bringing in the projects. When you’re starting out especially, you want to keep your expenses low.



Microsoft Surface tablet

This is my mobile office and mobile sketch pad. It’s good enough to still get actual work done while I’m on the couch or in the office. It’s not a replacement for my studio set up, but it’s the perfect companion.




Razer Orbweaver

I know what you’re thinking, “Gaming Device”. It is. The power this thing can give you when working with a tablet, not to mention the luxury comfort, is so worth it. I map all my shortcuts to single keys. I map zooming and brush sizing to the wheels and lever. Now when I work I don’t have to think or even look away from my work. One hand with the pen, one on this keyboard. I don’t know how I ever worked without it!



Stinky Programmable Footboard

This allows me to use both my hands and feet while working, again allowing me to work faster and more comfortable. I can map all kinds of functions to this foot switch. my personal favorite, CTRL-S (save). Never lose a file because you forgot to hit save again! Priceless.



Gunnar Glasses for Designers and Artists

I honestly saw these and was like  “Pffff, yeah right!” then I bought a pair just to try. Man, was I blown away. They work. I suffer from migraines not to mention I had lasik surgery over a decade ago. These allow me to work longer without my eyes feeling tired and I when using them I no longer get headaches. DO NOT get the yellow ones. they with mess with you colors. Seriously, I know a guy….



Datacolor Spyder5Pro

No point in having a nice display if the colors are off. Before getting this you wouldn’t believe the number of times I had sent clients work and what was printed was way different than what I was seeing on my screen. Don’t take the risk, start a pool with your friends, buy one and calibrate everyone’s screens! Now, everything on my cintiq doesn't look all 'Rosie'.



Canon EOS Rebel T5i Camera

Having a camera is super handy. This one no only allows me to shoot reference shots and textures, but I can also use it to record process videos and tutorials. The added benefit, it can also function as an amazing webcam. I love it!




Audio-Technica ATH-M50x

I listen to music constantly while working, and since I work alot when my kids are asleep, headphones are a must. I have a ton of different pairs (I’m kind of a headphone addict), but these are the best I could recommend for under 200$. they are stylish and sound amazing. They are also very accurate to edit video and music.